Real-time solutions helping CSPs to ensure network quality

WebRadar enables telecom companies to unlock strategic business insights with strong
added value focused on customer experience by correlating different sources of data.

WebRadar is the category leader for Big Data Analytics across the telecom sector. Our applications use complex algorithms to find and draw correlations in data, delivering network, customer and service analytics.

The whole point is to give a holistic view of the processes to be optimised and actions to be taken, assuring CSPs (Communications Service Providers) to increase the income, reduce the operating costs and improve the end user experience.

Our solutions are multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-system, suitable for large and small networks. They offer real-time insights on coverage and quality nationwide, 24/7. This way, WebRadar helps telecom operators to find value in large amounts of data like they have never done before.

Main Benefits:

Manage and improve

Increase planning

network coverage


Drive operational decisions with
predictive customer behavior

customer loyalty

Optimise marketing campaigns
(based on CEM)


Discover our solutions:

Predictive analytics solution capable of transforming your data into valuable insights.
Its unique structure allows the handling of primary state data, together with a flexible reports
builder and a contemporary data visualization tool, working within the dashboard analytics
application. Contact us to learn more

Cutting-edge solution addressed to marketing, sales and digital enterprisesThis application
discovers coverage black spots and poor service areas that your competitors do not want
you to be aware of. By using it, your marketing department becomes ables to attract their
subscribers most likely to churn. Contact us to learn more

Solution that offers an innovative geographic visualization of the user experience. All
messaging traffic that traverses the network is exploited, correlated and georeferenced.
This sophisticated application runs on Conatus and provides a singular geovisualization
of the user experience. Contact us to learn more

A SmallCell planning solution that uses geoinformation technology and specialized algorithms to
correlate data from various sources (such as users’ smartphones, socio-demographic variables,
statistics and maps) with customers’ own data. This way, it runs a territorial diagnosis and helps
companies to make better business decisions. Contact us to learn more

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