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We are part of the digital revolution that transforms the way we live and interact.
We bring the future to the present, giving you the most precious thing: TIME.

Our platform for Internet of Things was developed within the complex environment of Big Data Analytics. We are able to connect thousands of devices and collect information in real time, providing solutions that help the decision-making process. Learn more about our technology

It is important for WebRadar that every industry reaches its full potential. Therefore, we came up with a flexible structure that enables our clients to go behind the platform and create custom applications. The purpose-built solutions allow the incorporation of specific business rules, ensuring that each company meets its own needs and values.

The IoT vertical was developed to assist customers from different branches, who seek a platform that is powerful not only in analytics, but also in collection, storing, correlation and organization of unstructured data.

The segments that we currently serve are related to social improvement and human development, such as energy, health, water and security, in addition to transport and telecom.

In order to constantly execute ideas that bring us closer to new markets, we use researches carried out with the support of investors and universities we partner with. This way, we keep evolving and expanding our range. Contact us for more information

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