We build tomorrow's solutions today

WebRadar uses data and technology to transform the world.
Our high performance team is made up of thinkers and innovators.

Founded in 2008, WebRadar is a technology company specialized in Big Data Analytics for IoT and a leading provider in the telecommunications, automotive and IoT markets. We use complex algorithms to analyse unstructured data from heterogeneous sources, correlate information and offer valuable insights that enable strategic planning. Our mission is to constantly simplify the daily life of customers and society through applied artificial intelligence.

By delivering our cloud-based and real-time solutions, developed to meet specific demands of each business, we help telecommunications service providers, logistic firms, government agencies and other organizations to enhance the end user experience, improve the service performance, accelerate the revenue growth and reduce the operating cost.

The greek word Eudaimonia can be used to transmit our main value. We believe we become better, happier and more productive if we execute our skills in an environment that recognizes their importance. For this reason, WebRadar values the individuality of each collaborator. We cultivate a positive and healthy work culture, with philosophy and music classes, running workouts, birthday celebrations, happy hour gatherings, among other activities.

WebRadar has its headquarters in Brazil, as well as sales representatives in Europe, Africa and Asia.