Use case: Rio 2016 Olympics

Which mobile operator was better prepared for the sporting event?

During the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the city of Rio de Janeiro received more than one million tourists. Due to the increase in the flow of people, structural changes were needed, including improvement in cell phone coverage.


In order to discover how mobile carriers prepared themselves for the international sporting event, focusing on the performance surrounding the Olympic venues, WebRadar has used Competitive Analytics solution to collected data from thousands of taxi drivers, who used a mobile application before and after the games. Then, advanced analytics were employed to examine both 3G and 4G data network. The analysis focused on ranking of operators by cell phone coverage, coverage gap areas and network progress. 


1 - After prepare a year-over-year analysis, it was possible to conclude that all mobile carriers increased the quality of cell phone signal coverage due to the Olympics.

Company 4G Improvement 3G Improvement
Operator 1 52% 12%
Operator 2 23% 34%
Operator 3 35% 71%
Operator 4 70% 52%
Operator 5 14% 27%

2 - Some operators experienced a great advance from 2015 to 2016. One of them managed to decrease coverage gap areas by 71%.

Shadow areas are represented by blue polygons in 2015 and black polygons in 2016

3 - There is a huge gap between the best and the worst positioned operator when it comes to coverage gap areas.

Areas with coverage gaps are represented by polygons and operators by color

4 - The position of operators providing best service varied according to region and technology. However, 3 of 5 have better coverage, demonstrating that their networks are more consistent.

5 - The operators succeeded in cell phone signal coverage surrounding the sporting venues, but other important areas still have coverage gaps and therefore need more investment.

With the insights provided by Competitive Analytics, mobile carriers are able to:

Improve performance
and provide better
mobile service

Identify potential
investment areas

shadow areas

Increase customer
satisfaction and
reduce churn

new clients

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