Use case: Quality assurance for corporate customers

How do my corporate customers perceive the quality of the network?

Customer complaint rate is a major concern for mobile carriers, requiring significant effort to maintain the loyalty of corporate customers. A challenge faced by mobile carriers is the correlation of information between identifying who are the high spending corporate customers, and how good is the network performance in the areas that they are based. In addition, how can they determine if the corporate customers of their competitors are satisfied with the service they receive?

A study conducted by Nielsen, in 2016, states that 67% of people want to expand the conversation with their mobile carrier. The satisfaction survey released by Anatel, a Brazilian regulator agency, in March 2015, highlights the importance of companies in adapting to the new level of customer’s requirements.

To be ahead of competitors and keep its corporate customers satisfied with the service provided, mobile carriers need to map, with great accuracy, the network quality perceived from their end users. This is a key factor for customer acquisition and retention and to create targeted marketing campaigns. The effort to win and retain corporate customers can be nullified by a solution that analyses the areas with the highest complaint rates and highlights the high risk of loss of these customers if the network quality isn’t better planned and optimized where they are located.

WebRadar excels in this market by offering an innovative solution that is able to collect valuable information from applications installed on mobile phones. Competitive Analytics collects information on all mobile carriers and all technologies (2G, 3G, 4G - ready for 5G) in real time and generates insights for Marketing, Sales and Digital Enterprises.

Competitive Analytics harnesses geographic mapping linked to data collection from smartphone applications, generating valuable insights related to network quality (e.g. coverage, data throughput, etc). This highlights which mobile carrier is performing better or worse in each region, helping the Engineering Team to plan the network in a more business focused way, Sales Teams to prepare a winning sales pitch and Marketing to plan campaigns.




Greater coordination in marketing actions

Revenue growth from strategic customers

Churn reduction

Expressive return of business approval

Growth of the company by having well-defined and leveraged strategies



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