Use case: Attracting new corporate customers

How good is the quality of my competitors' network in areas where large corporations are based, and how can I compete?

The competitive battles that take place within the telecommunications sector are increasing the strategic investment in service quality. High spending corporate customers are increasingly connected, they demand excellent performance from the network and will switch if operators do not provide the quality they need.

Imagine being able to map the quality experienced by users of each operator by collecting data from mobile applications installed on numerous smartphones. Then imagine being able to correlate this information with public economic and demographic data and additional insights generated from your own marketing teams.

WebRadar, a company with innovation in the genes, imagined this situation and, using a world-class team of experienced professionals, created a solution that is able to identify exactly where each mobile carrier performs best, as well as which large corporations are located in each area, in order to correlate with marketing business strategy data. This enables the priorization of sales and marketing teams, so they can conduct their work more efficiently, targeting new customers that are most likely to switch due to network quality.

Competitive Analytics is a highly innovative solution that collects information on the mobile network without relying on any private network connection. Millions of measurement are generated through our partners´smartphone applications. This enables the mapping of operators' performance accurately without the need for Drive Tests. Together with data on the location of corporate enterprises, business districts, high density of roamers, etc, marketers can develop strategies more effectively.



Greater efficiency of sales team

Increase of market share in corporate clients

Marketing expenses reduction

More assertive strategies




Visibility of competitors networks

Visibility of user experience

Strategic KPIs represented geographically

 Correlation between several data sources

Your data geographically organized

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