Use case: Regulatory Agencies

How can you regulate mobile and fixed operators in a transparent and efficient way?

The problem faced by most regulatory agencies is a lack of visibility on the quality of service offered by the mobile carriers. As a result, the agencies are unable to:

If this problem persists, the agencies will be unable to reinforce the needs of new investments by the mobile carriers, causing them to fail to ensure a good quality network infrastructure to the public at affordable costs. The population is typically dissatisfied with the service and would appreciate a more active role played by the agencies - quality is poor and there isn't typically enough visibility, nor an objective and comparative assessment of the quality of the service.

In order to know the quality of service provided by the mobile carriers, the agencies need to have access to data from the operators' side. To have in-depth visibility and to enrich their analysis, access to 24x7 data would be preferred..

Calculating and compiling data information would be tremendously time-consuming for the mobile carriers, unless they could grant the regulatory agencies - or a third party - access to raw data automatically generated and made available by their networks. Since the typical mobile network is composed of equipment from multiple vendors, operating in a multi-technology environment it is a technical challenge, to provide insights to regulatory agencies and being transparent to the population.

Processing large amounts of data, generated by many mobile carriers, is a complex process. The solution collecting and working on the data needs to be robust and scalable. Moreover, because of the multi-vendor and multi- technology environment mentioned above, other than collecting big volumes of data, the solution responsible to transform it into insights must be able to decode and interpret raw data in different formats. This way, agencies are able to provide population with transparency.

Therefore, the best choice is to implement WebRadar Conatus and Network Analytics, solutions capable of: 1. collecting big amounts of heterogeneous data, in different formats and deriving from different technologies; 2. processing and interpreting the data in a comprehensive and near real-time way; 3. delivering insights that contribute to the regulatory process.


The implementation of WebRadar solutions allows regulatory agencies to:


A unique knowledge
structure that helps
agencies to understand
and act on data

High quality system
than makes use of
advanced technologies
to ensure performance

Custom configurations
that suit the agencies
needs and requirements

Features designed
to save time and
optimize performance

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