Use case: Improvement in complaints handling

How can I reduce customer service time by correctly handling complaints?

Operators are increasingly concerned to assist customers and meet the quality they expect. In this process, the call center is failing to reach its goal. Many problems are erroneously targeted by the attendant and are not solved, resulting in a negative relationship between company and client. This scenario can also damage the organization's image, imply in fines by regulatory agencies, as well as lawsuits

Call center members are instructed to ask questions that, most of the times, lead to the verification of the coverage experienced by tha claimant. However, the tools avaliable are very inaccurace, contributing to the incorrect handling of complaints.

By improving the information avaliable, we notice a remarkable progress in the process of classifying failures, reducing in up to 80% the tickets not solved by incorrect classification or premature closure. WebRadar's Competitive Analytics solution collects real-time data from thousands of users simultaneously, creating geographic maps.

This way, when attendants enter the claimant's address, they immediately have information on the quality of the mobile coverage. It is also possible to use information reported by others users nearby to mitigatethe first-level investigation before addressing the problem. The operator can also take advantage of Competitive Analytic's flexibility by attaching modules that operate with data from the OSS, generating more comprehensive failure information.

In addition, the solution offers a mobile application that display the satisfaciont index of userd over the service provided. This information is collected from customers feedback after the problem is resolved. The real-time network data allows the company to monitor performance and identify aspects that need improvement.



Reducion in average customer contact time

Improvement in failure targeting

User satisfaction

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