Use case: Best places for business

Which locations have the highest people flow?

An important event is about to happen, the city is welcoming people from all over the world, but the mobile carrier has no information on where they are, what services are being used or which points of interest are the most popular. This is a common scenario during special occasions, but also in a typical day of mobile carriers. Most of the time, they are not aware of their customers’ movement history.

Having information on the people flow in a specific region is crucial for finding out which places have higher business value and therefore are the best places for locating stores and advertising to stand out from competitors. By mapping the people flow in those areas, mobile carriers are able to perform their work more effectively. With insights into customer behavior, they are able to provide better assistance, either by opening store, placing advertisements or by providing additional network capacity. 

There has always been speculation on the best strategy for customer prospection, hotspot development and efficient applications for maximum results. So WebRadar developed Competitive Analytics, a powerful solution that extracts data from multiple sources, correlating quality, coverage and socioeconomic data, in order to improve results and save time. Real-time mapping makes it easier to create effective marketing campaigns and define points of interest that will guarantee network quality. In other words, it is possible to visualize the pattern of people’s movement and show which places can generate higher income for the provider.

It is extremely risky to invest in cell sites and stores without knowing exactly where your target audience is going or where the city hotspots are. The lack important information in the decision-making process can result in wasted resources and poor results.
By monitoring the flow of vehicles and people, it is possible to collect valuable data that enables a proactive analysis of relevant places for each business. Competitive Analytics helps mobile carriers to understand the city’s routine, pointing out areas with greater concentration of people and gathering strategic information. In general, our solution becomes a great ally to mobile carriers, helping them get competitive advantage and improving network quality.



Revenue growth

Cost reduction with better targeted marketing campaigns

Increase in market share

Broader perspective of business development

Ability to analyze and take advantage of small details




Accuracy in planning

Visibility of user experience

Strategic KPIs represented geographically

 Correlation between several data sources

Your data geographically organized

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