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Use case: Comparing telecom operators worldwide

How to compare a single mobile carrier’s network performance with others around the world – with no difficulty and low costs?

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Use case: Improvement in complaints handling

How can I reduce customer service time by correctly handling complaints?

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Use case: Attracting new corporate customers

How good is the quality of my competitor's network in areas where large corporations are based, and how can I compete?

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Use case: Quality assurance for corporate customers

How do my corporate customers perceive the quality of the network?

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Use case: Regulatory Agencies

How to regulate mobile and fixed operators in a transparent and efficient way?

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Use case: Rio 2016 Olympics

Which mobile operator was better prepared for the sporting event?

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Use case: Attracting high-value customers

In which regions can I attract new users with great purchasing power?

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Use case: Best places for business

Which locations have the highest people flow?

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Use case: VIP & Handset Analysis

How to monitor and improve the customer experience?

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Use case: Fleet Monitoring

How to improve performance and efficiency?

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Internet of Things


Use case: Business Strategy

How can geographic data help your company?

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