Use case: Improvement in failure targeting

In which regions am I better than my competitor and could attract new users?

Operators are concerned with meeting the real quality perceived by their customers, and in this process, the call center, which has a share of responsibility, is failing to reach its goal. Many calls reporting users’ problems are erroneously directed by the attendant and are not solved, resulting in a worn image between the brand and its consumer, and it may even generate fines by regulatory agencies or lawsuits against the operator itself.

Call center professionals are trained to check a tree of questions, which, most of the time, attempts to verify the coverage experienced by the protestant, but the tools available to the attendant are very inaccurate, contributing to the incorrect direction of the problems.

When we improve the available information, we notice a remarkable evolution in the process of classifying the faults, reducing in up to 80% the tickets not solved by incorrect classifications or premature closure. 
WebRadar's Competitive Analytics solution collects data from thousands of users simultaneously and in real time, creating geographic maps, which when the attendant enters the protestant's address, he immediately has the quality reference and on-site coverage informed. Besides, it will be possible to use information reported by other users near the location in order to mitigate its first-level investigation before directing the case. The operator can still enjoy the modularity of the Competitive Analytics solution by attaching modules that operate with data from the OSS, generating more broad information about the flaws.

In addition, the solution provides a mobile application, which displays the satisfaction index of users over the rendered services. This information is collected from customer feedback regarding previously answered tickets. Network data, which is worked on in real time, allows the company to monitor its performance and identify which points need improvement.


Reduction in Attendance Time

Improvement in failure targeting

User satisfaction

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