Use case: Attracting high-value customers

In which regions can I attract new users with great purchasing power?

The telecom market is extremely competitive. At the slightest sign of customers’ disbelief with the operators, the possibility of moving to a company that has a better service is real. For this reason, companies are constantly evolving in order to improve, develop and deliver more intelligent and satisfactory solutions to their customers.

Modernizing the structure in order to offer high speed data transmission is primarily aimed at improving the provision of services to people with high purchasing power. But where to invest to find these users? By using Competitive Analytics, WebRadar's exclusive solution, efforts will be directed to a specific audience and this will generate these potential customers’ satisfaction.

The tool brings solutions in a simple way, using quality information from the correlated mobile network, where you can check the regions in which your company stands out from the competition and map out areas where people with high purchasing power are.

Building on the knowledge gained from Competitive Analytics, you can identify opportunities to plan targeted marketing campaigns to capture these customers, in order to reduce the cost with less assertive campaigns and get more revenue from the existing customer base. It is also possible to identify the campaign results by mapping its efficiency and using its historical data.

This is the chance to analyze a large number of data and set priorities by understanding the current scenario. That is, the software works with privileged analysis and shows the ranking of the operators, in addition to informing other relevant details about the network. With this new solution, it will be much easier and faster to set goals and manage to achieve them.

We propose to bring innovation to the platforms that can assure the most suitable operation for your business, stimulating its growth and having the conviction that the great advantage of our services is able to create much more value and power for your company.


Revenue increase

Increase of Market Share

Reduction of cost with
marketing campaign

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