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We are industry specialists, engineers and software developers. We generate business intelligence by processing large volumes of unstructured data for companies spread around the world. We are born with technology in our DNA and use music and philosophy as inspiration to create. Our mission is to intelligently simplify the corporate environment and enable strategic decision-making.

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WebRadar is the category leader for Big Data Analytics across the telecom sector. Our applications use complex algorithms to find and draw correlations in data, delivering network and customer analytics. This way, we provide a holistic view of the processes to be optimised and actions to be taken.

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WebRadar developed a system for smart transportation that provides real time visibility of fleet and performance. By tracking vehicle, driver and payload, it is possible to improve fuel efficiency, lower maintenance costs and accomplish optimal resource deployment.

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Internet of Things

WebRadar helps companies to create business solutions from information pulled from devices connected to places, people and things. We are part of the digital revolution that transforms the way we live and interact. We bring the future to the present, giving you the most precious thing: TIME.

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Use case: Comparing telecom operators worldwide

How to compare a single mobile carrier’s network performance with others around the world – with no difficulty and low costs?

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Use case: Business Strategy

How can geographic data help your company?

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Use case: Fleet Monitoring

How to improve performance and efficiency?

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